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it don’t run in our blood

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Firefly Character Quotes → Hoban Washburne

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when people call hannibal misunderstood i just imagine hannibal as socially confused, 90s sitcom character who gets into hijinks

like he trips on a skateboard and accidentally harvests a dude’s liver

and jack walks in with his hands on hips and he goes “hannibal" in that annoyed, sitcom-way

and hannibal is just on the floor feasting on this dude’s organs and he shrugs and sheepishly grins and says “did i do that?” and a laugh track plays

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The Lion King by Alex Martineau


The Lion King by Alex Martineau

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scientists do fall in love with their subjects.

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The truth is, Steven Moffat has become the Great Intelligence. The threat posed by the Intelligence in ‘Name of the Doctor’ is that he/it will take over the Doctor’s entire life and rewrite it to suit himself. This in the same episode in which Moffat literally inserts his own character, Clara, into every moment of the Doctor’s life, having her meet every single one of his incarnations, putting her at the very moment when the Doctor first leaves Gallifrey, telling him which TARDIS to steal. This in the same episode in which he introduces an entirely new, never-before-seen incarnation of the Doctor. Whatever else you can say about him, Moffat isn’t a writer who allows himself to be troubled by an excess of self-awareness. Of course, all Who is a palimpsest. But Steven Moffat seems to be the only writer to work on the show who is absolutely determined to overwrite his own personality on top of the whole damned thing.



Moffat is the Great Intelligence pass it on.

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If you haven’t taken the ‘Which Citizen of Night Vale are You?’ test then you’re missing out. 


The Valiant Child

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People don’t like her because it’s the making of her, right now. When she, sometime soon in the future, becomes this person that she’s been kind of building up to, for the past three seasons, now four, then people will really begin to root for her. I think even the audience doesn’t realize she’s such a dark horse. If she acted badass and tried to kill everyone there, she would be dead by now! She’s so intelligent, and I can’t stress that enough. Courtesy is a lady’s armor. She’s using her courtesy to deceive people, and she’s using her former self as a facade, and it works so much to her advantage, because people still think she’s this naive, vulnerable, little girl, and she’s really not. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows what game she’s playing! And no one else does. And she’s learned from the best — Cersei, Margaery, Tyrion, Littlefinger, even Joffrey. She’s learned so much from these people, and they don’t even realize it. They’re unwittingly feeding her to become this great kind of manipulator. King’s Landing can either make or break a person, and in Sansa’s case, it’s making her.

 - Sophie Turner, in response to Sansa hate (x)
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