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nicky. 23.
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You swore an oath to me. Does loyalty mean nothing to you?
           It means everything to me.

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[on how much of the old Bucky can be seen in the Winter Soldier] I think my goal is that you’ll get to see that. You know, the truth of the situation is although he looks very different and there’s different things about him, it still comes from the same person. I think you’ll get to see that no matter what. I think part of my goal here was to make sure that you see an extension of that version but just a different color of that same version in a way. I think he’s still the same guy; he’s cut from the same cloth. (Stan)

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Sansa Stark Meme || [1/10] Scenes 

"Tell me, what do you feel for my kingly nephew?"

"I love him with all my heart," Sansa said at once.

"Truly?" He did not sound convinced. "Even now?"

"My love for His Grace is greater than it has ever been."

The Imp laughed aloud. “Well, someone has taught you to lie well. You may be grateful for that one day, child.” 

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Marvel movies credits :

↳Captain America, the winter soldier.

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This is an accessory store where everything is $1.

They even have cosmetics! brushes, lipstick, and lashes as well as cute socks and panties!!

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THOR ODINSON: an infographic.

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Pink-and-yellow girl.

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Anastasia Strij


Anastasia Strij

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They made her their queen, on the day she was born. They placed on her a crown, she wasn’t ready for. / He woke up one day, written out of the will. They swore he’d be okay, with lesser shoes to fill. - Birthright by Sleeping At Last

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The f a t h e rthe S O N, the h o l y g h o s t

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Sacha Foteev


Sacha Foteev

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